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Labour and social security law

When you start working under the authority, direction and supervision of someone else, we talk about an employment contract, also named differently. This contract can be applicable at home, as well as abroad or both together. It may be temporary in nature, or of unlimited duration. When this agreement comes to an end, some specific rules also apply.



It may be a dismissal for urgent reasons, or an ordinary dismissal with notice and severance pay, or finally a collective dismissal. Never may a dismissal be manifestly unreasonable. This is all regulated by the contract and the law, and breaches can even lead to criminal prosecution, where a multidisciplinary team of labour and criminal law specialists assist YOU.

Collective agreements

It is regulated in the contract, but there are also mandatory rules of social security, and in many companies there are collective agreements that apply to all employees. They may also discuss the use of a mobile phone, laptop, email traffic and internet use. There should be vigilance over privacy and protection of employees’ personal data ( tracking systems, surveillance cameras , background checks ). There is a customised pay policy, with, for example, share-related compensation, group insurance, meal vouchers, training vouchers , a crèche or a cafeteria plan, all tools to optimise the relationship between employer and employee.

What do we do?

Among other things, we advise you on all aspects of career break, leave, time credit, working hours , part-time work, drawing up internal regulations, the collective labour agreement, and restructuring, alternative forms of remuneration and drawing up a pension plan. The workplace ( and the road to it ) is a place where accidents can happen, or one can contract an illness. Discussions about this and about the financial consequences raise questions, which our lawyers can give you answers to through their accumulated experience.