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Avolink Mechelen

Nathalie Borremans

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  • Experienced and driven lawyers
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Drabstraat 10
2800 Mechelen


T. 015 / 20 80 80

Short description

Mahla is a law firm that thinks with you. You will find with us under one roof a broad expertise and experience in the various branches of law.

Professional and driven lawyers represent the interests of both corporate and private clients.

These include commercial and economic law in the broad sense, company law, labour and social law, environmental law and insurance law.

Mahla also has an extensive and experienced team dedicated to personal and family law, juvenile law and patrimonial property law.

With personal commitment, we tackle your cases in a targeted manner and strive for creative solutions. Our clients appreciate this approach. Acting quickly is a matter of course.

At Mahla, our passionate lawyers are perfectly educated, further skilled through continuing education and maintain the highest professional and ethical standards.

" Mahla has broad expertise and years of experience. Their team of passionate lawyers go to great lengths for every client."

You will find in us a hefty dose of entrepreneurial spirit that we demonstrate by daring to look for solutions that are procedure-avoiding and can be realised outside the courts.

Mahla not only helps resolve conflicts, but also provides preventive advice on your future plans and projects, both for entrepreneurs and families.
We try to find a tailor-made solution and go to great lengths for each client. In doing so, we show a genuine interest in the person behind each case.”