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Construction Law

You are going to build. It starts with a building permit. Urban planning law is a fast-changing field, which requires proper follow-up to advise YOU adequately.


Broad experience

Our lawyers have accumulated very broad experience in this field. We advise and guide you in the administrative procedure leading to obtaining the building permit or planning permission.

Construction process

Then the actual building begins. A construction process is a complex one involving several parties. The building owner, the contractor, any sub- and subcontractors, the manufacturers, the sellers of building materials, the promoter or property developer, the architect, the engineer, the safety coordinator, the EPB reporter, the government, the insurer and the real estate agent: all construction partners have their specific rights and obligations. More and more prospective builders prefer to rely on a property developer or construction promoter, such as a turnkey firm that offers a property on plan, which then falls under the so-called Breyne Act, or the Housing Act.

What do we do for you?

We draft a construction contract, or revise a proposed contract with all these partners. We advise You for the insurance policies that are of very great importance (ABR, ten-year liability of contractor and architect, liability in case of possible civil damages and so on). We guide and advise you at every step of the construction process, before, during and after the works, taking into account the interests of the construction partner and the specific legislation applicable. If a problem does arise, we are there to advise, mediate, seek injunctive and provisional measures from the court to limit your damages, analyse the accounts of the contractor, architect or construction promoter in the light of the construction contract and the law. Arbitrations are often provided for in the contracts, there are the Construction Reconciliation Commission and the Order of Architecen: we are also particularly well versed in these. We guarantee a flexible approach, always working creatively and pragmatically.