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Avolink Sint-Niklaas

Pieter Pauwels

Wanted Law


Van Havermaetstraat 36
9100 Sint-Niklaas


T. 03 776 57 73
E-mail: directly

Short description

Pieter Pauwels is a partner at the Wanted Law Sint-Niklaas office, which is part of the Wanted Law grouping with several offices in Flanders and Brussels.

The Sint-Niklaas office specialises mainly in 4 areas:

  • Family law
  • Corporate law
  • Liability law
  • Traffic law (via

In addition, the Sint-Niklaas office can call on the other firms in the Wanted Law network, including Wanted Law Tax for all tax matters.

Wanted Law Sint-Niklaas typifies itself as a professional firm with a family character serving its clients. The law firm focuses on family law, corporate law and liability law.

Wanted Law distinguishes itself from other law firms because it does not want to be an ivory tower but rather a contemporary, creative and groundbreaking firm. It is a law firm that is accessible, low-threshold and client-friendly, with all the advantages of economies of scale through collaboration in the larger network.

At Wanted Law, high-quality customised work is central.

In addition, Wanted Law is a highly innovative firm that aims to offer solutions through different levels, starting from free knowledge through its many hundreds of texts online, to offering through its webshop various legal products or services, such as:

  • smart model documents that are adapted to legislation and automatically adapt to your situation via the completion of specific questions
  • fixed-price legal services
  • free information sheets
  • offering the possibility of secure digital signatures via Wanted Sign

With this webshop, they want to offer affordable and immediately accessible solutions to very concrete problems and concerns.