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Avolink Turnhout

Geert Naulaerts

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Advocatenkantoor Advotura


de Merodelei 83
2300 Turnhout


T. 014 / 42 19 95

Short description

ADVOTURA is a full-service law firm in 2300 Turnhout, de Merodelei 83, representing a combined 80 years of experience in various areas of law.
The office is located in a historic building overlooking the Turnhout railway station. A bus stop is located in front of the office.
Various public parking facilities are available within walking distance of the office.
The office is wheelchair accessible.


" Serviceable, solid, decisive. "

Our legal services are aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, public authorities, institutions and individuals and extend to legal advice, assistance, amicable settlements and proceedings.
We provide expert and hands-on advice tailored to each client and represent the interests entrusted to us correctly, discreetly and effectively.
In doing so, we ensure smooth communication and administration, which is necessary for the proper handling of the case.
In order to guarantee you optimal full-service and high quality, we regularly collaborate with doctors, architects, accountants, auditors and other liberal professions.