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Avolink Gent

Isabelle De Beir & Julie Reyntjens




Vaderlandstraat 112
9000 Gent


Isabelle De Beir (lawyer, authorised mediator in family, civil and commercial cases and lecturer in Health Law)   
T. 0475 34.97.32.

Julie Reyntjens (lawyer, mediator in civil and commercial matters and in-house lawyer)         
T. 0478/62.83.70.

Short Description

With JIS Law & Mediation, Julie Reyntjens and Isabelle De Beir provide legal assistance in various areas of law both in the context of legal proceedings, negotiation and mediation. The positive and efficient “JIS approach” always comes first. We stand for an open, positive and personal approach. This is true whether we provide advice, assist in negotiations and mediation, act before various courts, orders or colleges or draft all kinds of legal documents. In doing so, we always put the client’s interests first.

As lawyers, we offer full and accurate legal advice, assistance and representation, whether in the context of proceedings or not, in various areas of law. We also act as counsel in the context of a negotiation or mediation.

As a recognised mediator in civil, commercial and family matters, we help parties reach sound agreements together with a view to building and restoring a healthy foundation for their further relationship, whether professional or private. Through mediation, we strive to resolve conflicts permanently.