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Tax law

Tax law (or tax law) contains all the rules on the levying and collection of taxes. National and international tax regulations are becoming increasingly strict and complex. Tax disputes are sometimes unavoidable. They occur in both businesses and individuals. Always be assisted by a lawyer who is aware of all new developments in tax law and policy. They can also give you preventive advice.

Your company

Many events within YOUR company have tax repercussions. You can think of starting a business, but also of things like a merger or bankruptcy. If the administration is not in order or the tax return is not done properly, the consequences can be major. For a company within the social profit sector, the tax situation is different.

Tax fraud

There is a payment deadline attached to paying taxes that You cannot violate. You are also required to declare all income. Sometimes this goes wrong either consciously or unconsciously. You have paid too little tax/contributions. The tax return is incorrect. Or You have kept incorrect or incomplete records. You end up in a dispute with the tax authorities as a result. Contact one of our lawyers immediately if you are suspected of tax fraud.

Criminal tax law

If the tax authorities believe You have committed tax fraud, a tax increase and fine will follow, and You will be summoned to the Correctional Judge for tax fraud. Thus, you risk being punished twice, but even there, case law and legal doctrine are evolving. Your lawyer is constantly training and is aware of this.

Your lawyer

Your lawyer provides tax advice on the various aspects of taxation. When You have a dispute with the tax authorities, it is important to seek professional help. Our lawyers will be happy to support You. Successful litigation in tax matters requires an experienced lawyer. In some cases, You are entitled to a pro bono tax lawyer.