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Avolink Mons

Olivier Lesuisse

  • Two lawyers with a great deal of experience
  • Always available and attentive to the person behind the case
  • An office in the heart of the city of Mons (Mons), but also close to la Louvière and Binche

Lesuisse & D’Acunto Avocats


Marché Croix-place 7
B-7000 Mons (Bergen)


T. 065/377.477

Short description

Law firm Lesuisse and D’Acunto has extensive experience in the management and resolution of all personal and family problems, be it divorce, measures to be taken regarding children or alimony and maintenance obligations.

Moreover, over time, the firm has also developed real expertise in personal and property management and in the area of unmanaged and heirless estates.
In addition, the firm handles various files in banking law, attachment law and tenancy law on a daily basis, to the very great satisfaction of a wide private and institutional clientele.

Finally, in addition to French, it is also possible to communicate with certain members of the Cabinet in Dutch, English, Italian and Arabic.