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Collection law

It happens anyway: no company escapes the phenomenon of the bad payer. Very annoying, money and time consuming!


The best solution is to put these files in the hands of our lawyers. We will work for you to recover your assets under the best conditions. We start from the amicable stage, and then advise directly on any protective measures that might safeguard your assets, and always with all due respect for the law, which is ultimately very important for the good name of your company.

Working method

We are perfectly familiar with the possibilities of wage waivers and all the legal enforcement options of garnishment and enforcement. Clear written agreements are made regarding the costs, so you know what you are getting into. This estimate takes into account the volume of orders and the size of claims.


Our lawyers are familiar with the procedures and possible disputes, and know the law and case law related to them. As a result, settlement in court rarely requires much new research work. This has the positive effect of once again reducing costs.

Because we have access to a number of databases protected by professional secrecy, we can inform you better than anyone else and constantly evaluate the chances of recovery and make adjustments if necessary. The bailiffs we appoint are committed to controlling costs according to the case, and not to incurring costs without prior consultation. In a competitive environment where debt-collection agencies get in each other’s way, we are ultimately the only ones who – together with the bailiffs we appoint – achieve the highest possible recovery rate, and that is what counts for you.