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Commercial, economic and corporate law

In trade, it comes down to offering one’s products or services for a fee that results in profit.

When concluding any trade contract, it is important to draw up sound general terms and conditions that provide for all eventualities, including identifying the applicable law and the competent court. There is often an interest in giving jurisdiction to one’s own national law and local court. A home match has many advantages.

Not every trading partner is as reliable as one would hope, and so it is better to build guarantees into the agreements that also provide” the worst case scenario”.

Collateral and commercial premises

To hedge against partner insolvency, surety bonds and commercial liens are available.
Your specialised lawyer can thus avoid much mischief. However, if things do not turn out as expected, your collection and debtor management lawyer can send a correct reminder and notice of default, appoint a reliable bailiff (the costs involved!), initiate legal collection, have a judgment enforced, always keeping a cost-benefit analysis in mind.

Helping lawyer

But even outside contracts, one of our lawyers can assist You to take action against unfair commercial practices and unfair or parasitic competition. In the relationship with consumers, a lawyer can advise You on Your liability for the goods You manufactured or sold, whose proper functioning You must guarantee. Your lawyer will also assist You in the relationship with a very important partner in business, notably the bank.
This will involve discussion of:
-the personal and collateral security ( guarantor, pledge) to be established.
-the cancellation and execution of credits.
-the information obligation of this bank.
-leasing agreements.

Each time, the rule is : get advice beforehand, because prevention is better than cure.