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Avolink Oudenaarde



Diependaele Advocatuur


Bergstraat 33
9700 Oudenaarde


T. 055 / 23 10 00

Short description

DIEPENDAELE ADVOCATUUR is a one-man law firm that offers the legal support your company needs quickly, efficiently and affordably.

DIEPENDAELE ADVOCATUUR thinks like your company: if a problem arises, it must be dealt with on the basis of thorough knowledge and by means of clear communication, and preferably as quickly as possible and without excessive costs.
It all starts with the right advice to avoid problems in advance as much as possible. If, despite this advice, your company is involved in a dispute, the first thing to do is always to try to mediate and settle amicably where possible. If you have to, then there is no alternative but to go to court bone hard

DIEPENDAELE ADVOCATURE offers everything your SME needs. All experience and knowledge is at hand to assist the loyal clientele it has built up in the first line in just about all the crucial decisions that your company’s management requires. Moreover, if necessary, DIEPENDAELE ADVOCATUUR can always call on specialists from the network it has built up over the past few years, including from the group of its trainees and employees, for just about all aspects of your company.

DIEPENDAELE ADVOCATUUR strives to be your in-house lawyer to whom your company can always turn for advice, mediation or proceedings in complete confidence.


" Alles wat uw kmo nodig heeft !"