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Administrative law

As citizens or companies, we come into contact with the government on a daily basis. Administrative law governs our relationship with this government. The government is an important client for many entrepreneurs, including in PPPs and concessions. The awarding of its contracts is often the subject of disputes and our lawyers are the specialists in this, both in suspension proceedings before the Council of State and in administrative or civil proceedings.



Civil servants have their own duty doctrine and deontology, and non-compliance can lead to disciplinary proceedings. Given this wide variety of statutes and procedures, professional guidance and assistance is therefore of great importance.

We assist and advise both public authorities and administrations in this respect, as well as individuals who are subject to disciplinary proceedings or feel seriously harmed by a measure imposed on them.

Our lawyers

Our lawyers intervene in all proceedings concerning soil remediation and the waste legislations , the Materials Decree ( The AMMC ) , the Environmental Enforcement Board, the High Council for Enforcement Policy etc. and can advise which approvals and permits you need. We can also advise and guide you in any disputes between trading partners relating to waste.

Environmental permit files

You can also come to us for all your questions in environmental permit files. We defend both the interests of the licence applicant, who comes up against a refusal by the licensing authority, and of local residents, who have every interest in ensuring that an environmental licence is only granted if the burden on the surrounding area is bearable.

We can assist you before the Council of State and the Justice of the Peace in cases of expropriation, where all too often attempts are made to minimise compensation for the actual damage suffered by the expropriated. As specialists, we examine spatial implementation plans , plan damage and plan benefits, for both private and public players in the market.

Court protection students

A not unimportant matter is the regulations concerning the legal protection of students. In case of a negative study evaluation, one can turn to the examination board and, if necessary, to the Council of State or the Council for Disputes on Study Progress Decisions. All matter for our specialists, which can determine a student’s future.