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Traffic law

Few people can claim that they do not come into contact with traffic law on an almost daily basis. For example, as a vulnerable road user, this is as a pedestrian or cyclist, or as a driver of a motorised vehicle. Most know the rules and try to follow them.


Traffic accident

Less pleasant is when one is involved in a traffic accident. Then the question immediately arises as to who is liable for the damages, and who will pay for them. This responsibility is often determined by the Police Court, on summons by the Public Prosecutor or by the party who feels he is the victim, and who wants to prove it and have his damages assessed. These damages – possibly after deducting a deductible – will in principle be paid by the insurer, car insurance or family.


A separate problem arises when a driver is drunk. Being drunk or intoxicated is not the same as alcohol intoxication. The highway code states that alcohol intoxication occurs once the driver has 0.22mg/l of alcohol in the exhaled air. This corresponds to 0.5 promille of alcohol in the blood. A person is drunk when he has somewhat lost control of his body. The same condition can occur when taking drugs.

Consequences of road accident when drunk

The consequences after a drunk driving accident can be dramatic in terms of driving licence and personal liability for damages. Our specialised lawyers can make a difference here for Yourself and those around you. In many cases, legal expenses insurance covers the cost of defending a lawyer of your choice. Legal expenses insurance is included in most vehicle insurance policies.

Common Guarantee Fund

The Fonds Communal de Garantie intervenes when an accident occurs in Belgium and there is insolvency of the insurer, a fortuitous event, theft, no response from the insurer or the claims representative to a request for compensation, failure to identify the vehicle responsible and failure to insure it. Our lawyers will help you in this regard to get the money you are entitled to within the shortest time. Fill in the contact form and we will contact you without any obligation.