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Avolink Antwerp

Andreas Verbraeken




Belgiëlei 173-8,
2018 Antwerpen


Tel.: +32 (0) 3 369 88 43
Fax.: + 32 (0) 3 369 37 12


Short description

The firm was founded by:

Mr Andreas Verbraeken.

With a clear goal in mind: to assist clients as expertly and efficiently as possible, using the most modern means of communication and technologies. In order to make a difference in results.

First meeting without any obligation

During our first no-obligation meeting, we consider what useful steps you can take: negotiation if useful, proceedings if necessary.

Your interests always come first.

Rates – tailored to your needs!

During the first meeting, we discuss the rates that would apply, tailored to your needs. Taking into account your current situation. We then make clear agreements about this.

Individual or company?

You have come to the right place with us regarding the domains mentioned in our expertise.

Thanks to our extensive international network, we can assist you with your legal questions and/or disputes anywhere in Belgium or elsewhere in Europe.

We are happy to assist you in Dutch, English, Italian and French.


" AVvocato is more than just your counselor. It is your confidant. Who listens to you.And who prepares your case with you. With the aim: to solve your problem." Without detours, straightforward.