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Avolink Antwerp

Ilse Mertens

  • More than 40 years’ experience;
  • Result-oriented: mediation where useful, procedure where necessary;
  • Flexible, tailored to the client.

EVC advocaten


Léon Stynenstraat 70/3, 0306
2000 Antwerpen


T. 03 / 241 / 05 41

Short description

Cooperation between lawyers led to the establishment of EVC Lawyers in 2005. An appropriate formula to offer different areas of law and their interrelationships by collaborating lawyers with their own preferred matters.
Too often, lawyers are only consulted to resolve legal disputes. Usually, these are problems that need to be addressed immediately. Of course, in such a case, you can count on us for quick and accurate advice to defend your interests.
But we also like to look ahead. Because we are convinced that this allows us to serve our clients even better by sitting down together in advance, we get a clear view of the small and large risks that may be facing you privately or professionally. This analysis always results in some legal advice that neutralises the risks even before they can develop into a problem or dispute.



Private, business and tailor-made for the client."

Whether advising, drafting contracts or litigation, finding the appropriate solution starts with listening to the client, his problems, his vision, his wishes. No one knows his file better than he does and not infrequently it is the client himself who provides the solution, with the lawyer having to scrape and package it into a legal form.
Listening is what we call this and from there together transparently seeking what can, should or exactly what should be avoided. The unique collaboration between client and lawyer covered by discretion, professional secrecy and mutual loyalty. This is how we work.