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Avolink Brussels

Theo De Beir

  • Specialisation in efficient and valuable negotiation and mediation
  • Highly personalised approach
  • Legal, practical and conflict resolution expertise in various areas of law

De Beir Law+Mediation


Winston Churchilllaan 51
1180 Brussel


T. 02 340 24 00

Short description

De Beir Law+Mediation is an entrepreneurial law firm that focuses on avoiding litigation. Negotiation and mediation ensures that parties keep possible solutions in their own hands and maintain valuable business relationships in a creative and entrepreneurial way. When thorough negotiation fails to deliver a result, De Beir Law+Mediation and its team of experts and specialists are ready to fully defend the client’s interests before the competent court.

"De Beir Law+Mediation Lawyers & mediators: The art of negotiation "

The law firm has built up years of experience in various areas of law and strives for perfection in every assignment, whether in negotiation or mediation or in legal proceedings, and this in Dutch, French, English and German. Expertise was built up mainly in commercial and economic law, company law, association law, M&A, construction and real estate law, contracting law, labour and social law and property law.